BOPE packaging solutions for improved sustainability

As a manufacturer, Plastchim-T AD has always been focused on environmental protection and one of its main activities is to minimize the impact of its products on it. In order to achieve results in this activity, using the latest technologies, Plastchim-T AD has been working for several years as a pioneer in the field of creating an innovative and completely new, 100% recyclable product – BOPE film/ biaxially oriented polyethylene/, which will lead to significant changes in the world of packaging, providing an opportunity to develop different packages which not only are going to be fully recyclable but also be sustainable as down-gauging possibilities in comparison to PE blown film could be up to 50%.

Plastchim is the first company in the world to install an innovative BOPЕ / BOPP Brückner hybrid line, which is expected to be fully operational in the second half of 2021 with an annual capacity of 27 000 t.


BOPE - A Breakthrough Technology in Flexible Packaging | Plastchim-T & Ticinoplast



After several test runs, the last one finished in August 2020, Plastchim-T AD is proud to present to the market  PEoneer ®  BOPE film, which is a tenter-frame biaxially oriented polyethylene, providing good mechanical and optical properties, suitable for printing and coating in mono and multi-layer applications.

The PEoneer ®  family is currently including three main groups of products – the first group - pure LLDPE based films, the second group - pure HDPE-based films, and the third group - a mixture of LLDPE and HDPE materials. Different versions of the above-mentioned films are in development – plain, sealable, one side treated, both sides treated, antifog, low sealing, metalized, etc.

The PEoneer ®  project is developed with the valuable participation of Ticinoplast Srl, Italy – one of the leading blown PE producers in Europe with more than 50 years of experience. They are providing their knowledge of PE film production, structure design, and recipes.

In addition, the PEoneer ®  project includes raw materials suppliers, laminating and printing machine manufacturers, adhesives/barrier coatings producers, and different converters with the main purpose to manage to develop and propose to the market suitable sustainable structures following the circular economy philosophy.  

For more details on the new PEoneer ®  BOPE film, please contact us at or contact your local representative.