Plastchim-T & Ticinoplast | BOPE - A Breakthrough Technology in Flexible Packaging

march 18, 2021



Aksakovo, Bulgaria, 18th March 2021 - The issue of recycling and sustainability has created a major shift from multi-material and multilayer films, where they are currently non-recyclable, to mono-material films. This has created a unique set of opportunities for the packaging film sector. The collaboration between Plastchim-T and Ticinoplast has produced a groundbreaking innovation – the BOPE mono-material film (part of the PEoneer® BOPE family), tailored to reduce the carbon footprint. Both companies are committed to deliver and develop the perfect blend of products and technologies that provide a better performance, total product protection, and recyclability. Plastchim-T’s investment in the first in the world BOPE/BOPP hybrid line from Brückner Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG opens new down-gauging possibilities to develop our sustainable solutions even further.

“Using the PEoneer® BOPE innovation will help with the creation of more efficient and thought-through packaging products that will address the many challenges on an environmental and economic level.” – said Mr. Faik owner of Plastchim-T


Pogliano Milanese, 18th March 2021 – After a collaboration started 3 years ago Ticinoplast and Plastchim-T are glad to release this first video that shows the impressive potentiality of this new product BOPE (biaxially oriented polyethylene). The video is mainly filming the production process describing the main features of the film. The product is 100% recyclable and designed for mono-material PE structure. BOPE shows high mechanical properties and toughness with excellent sealing integrity. It is a perfect solution to preserve food integrity in packaging reducing waste. The BOPE PEoneer® family includes 3 main product groups: LLDPE films, HDPE films, and blends of LLDPE & HDPE films.

BOPE is a breakthrough technology in flexible packaging. The joint efforts of the participants in the BOPE development will lead to recyclable flexible packaging solutions which have now become an essential request by the market” as said by our MG Paolo Rossi


BOPE - A Breakthrough Technology in Flexible Packaging | Plastchim-T & Ticinoplast


Plastchim-T JSC

Plastchim-T is one of the leading privately owned European manufacturers of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP), cast polypropylene films (CPP), and flexible packaging products. For more than half a century the Company has grown from a domestic type of business to a leader in the packaging and packaging-related industry.

Ticinoplast S.P.A

Based in Pogliano Milanese for over 50 years, Ticinoplast extrudes polyethylene film in blister for food, medical and industrial packaging. The company is one of the leading technology leaders in the sector and globally recognized as one of the most innovative in the flexible market. It has a production capacity of over 15,000 T, it sells both in Italy and abroad and is ISO9001 and BRC GS Packaging Materials certified.