Company profile

Plastchim-T is one of the leading privately owned European manufacturers of biaxially oriented polypropylene films (BOPP), cast polypropylene films (CPP), and flexible packaging products. For more than half a century the Company has grown from a domestic type business to a leader in the packaging and packaging-related industry.
Today, the Company has three production units located in Bulgaria and employs over 1000 people.

Plastchim-T operates in two main divisions – Packaging Films and Flexible Packages production. The three factories are conveniently located close to the country’s borders – in Aksakovo, Devnya, and Tervel, Bulgaria.


Plastchim-T’s two modern facilities are established on a total area of 200 000 m2 over 70 000 m2 indoor and are well equipped with state-of-art technology.

Plastchim-T has a current annual production capacity of 115 000 tons of BOPP films, 12 000 tons of CPP films, 2 500 tons of PE films, and 10 000 tons of woven PP packaging and a new hybrid BOPP/BOPE line with a capacity of 26000 t/y. The main goal of the company is to provide its customers and partners with high-quality products and services and to offer valuable business solutions to the packaging industry.

Plastchim-T is committed to continuous progress and constantly incorporates advanced technology in its operations.

  • 1

    Plastchim-T was established in the town of Tervel, Bulgaria.

  • 2

    The production of PP yarn and PE films began.

  • 3

    The company started the production of PP sewn bags, block bottom bags and flexytainers.

  • 4

    In accordance with EFIBCA’s standards, Plastchim-T started the production of flexible big bags (FIBC). Later on in the 90’s the company widened its product range with other types of heavy duty bags – one/two & four points lifting bags, multi-lifting bags, Q-bags and slings.

  • 5

    The company is the only one Bulgarian holder of the Portabulk® System of Hydro Packaging (Cronus) license.

  • 6

    Plastchim-T stepped on the BOPP films market. The first BOPP line was commission in the newly built plant in the town of Aksakovo, Bulgaria.

  • 7

    The first metallization unit “Galileo” was installed for the use of BOPP production.

  • 8

    Second BOPP line was commissioned – the production quantity was doubled and other film types were added to the product line. The company stepped on the foreign market and started exporting goods to Europe, USA, Africa.

  • 9

    First CPP line was commissioned in the plant in Tervel.

  • 10

    The second metallization unit “Applied materials” was installed for the use of BOPP production.

  • 11

    Installation of 3rd BOPP line in Aksakovo – the production quantity has increased 4 times since 2004.

  • 12

    Installation of the second CPP line in the new plant in Devnya

  • 13

    Installation of the fourth line – the biggest and fastest BOPP line in the world in the new plant in Devnya

  • 14
    end of 2020

    Installation of 3rd metalising unit Nordmeccanica.

  • 15
    end of 2021

    Installation of the world's first hybrid BOPP / BOPE line.

Mission and Vision


Our company’s foundations are built on our values, which diversify us and lead our actions. We are committed to doing business with responsibility and in ways that preserve the environment, cherish our employees, and maintain reliable partnerships. We strive for delivering high-quality products and services and exceeding our client’s expectations.


As we move towards our goal of engaging in more sustainable practices, we will keep anticipating the needs of our customers. While we strive to deliver products of the highest quality, we will keep implementing solutions for protecting the environment.






Quality Assurance

Plastchim-T considers quality as a key factor in order to maintain long-term customer relationships. The entire production is subject to strict quality and performance tests.
Laboratories at Plastchim-T’s plants work 24 hours a day and perform tests during production and at the shelves by monitoring the main technical parameters.

The strict quality control that we apply to the final product is also applicable to the selection of raw materials and additives.
Plastchim-T’s laboratories carefully inspect all materials and all providers are regularly audited.

In order to be approved as a reliable partner, Plastchim-T is always ready to prove itself worthy of the customer’s confidence.
The company is regularly audited by governmental institutions, customers, partners, and independent test centers.

Plastchim-T production plant in Aksakovo and Devnya cities have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015ISO 14001:2015ISO 50001:2018, and ISO 22000:2018 with Quality management system coverage of packaging films and plant-based in city Tervel with a range of flexible packages are certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, and adhere to:

BRCGS Packaging Materials – Aksakovo

BRCGS Packaging Materials – Devnya

ISCC+ Certificate

Quality Policy

Energy Policy

Environmental Policy

Food Safety Policy

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